What makes a good logo?

A logo doesn’t need to say what a company does. Restaurant logos don’t need to show food, and dentist logos don’t need to show teeth, furniture store logos don’t need to show furniture… The Apple logo isn’t a computer.

— David Airey

What is the purpose of a logo?
Answer: Identification.

If you have a good logo, people can quickly identify it with the company.


A good logo that uses simple shapes and forms, a logo that is legible and has fewer details are more likely to be remembered.


A quick test: can people quickly sketch out your logo by memory after seeing it a couple of times? Think of Nike, McDonald’s or Apple.


The logo should work well in different sizes and colours.
It needs to work from a tiny Instagram picture to a giant billboard. Work well in black & white, in colour & inverse


The logo should be appropriate in the feeling of it. It should speak to the correct audience and feel right to them. Example: a baby clothing store logo might feel soft and friendly.

How simple can we have the logo without being too generic and still make it distinctive and memorable?

It takes a lot of time and effort to make a simple logo that works.

There is a misconception that the logo has to tell a lot about the business.

The logo is only the punctuation at the end of a sentence. It’s not the sentence in itself. It only needs to feel right. 

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