Brand identity & websites to help your creative business succeed.

We help creative entrepreneurs (such as coaches, artists, content creators, photographers and authors) thrive in their fields—by making a stunning brand identity and website that gives you consistency, confidence, and clarity.

Gain trust and attract your ideal client

Stunning visuals that helps you stand out

Stay consistent on all platforms

To have a successful creative business you’ll need a prominent brand identity and website.

But there’s a problem…

Learning how to develop a brand identity & website is time-consuming.

The quality of your work is not reflected in your brand identity and website.

There is information overload.

You have no systems and processes in place to execute a brand identity and website.

You're a creative person but have not studied graphic design or web design.

What you have tried so far isn't working.

There is no clarity on who your ideal client is and how to attract them.

You are leaving growth up to chance.

We develop everything you need in a brand identity & website so you focus on growing your business and doing what you love. A stunning brand identity and website will help you gain trust, emit the right personality and help you stay consistent on all mediums. Making it easier to increase revenue and make room for projects you love to do.

If you are ready to explore your new brand identity and website, schedule a meeting to see if we are the right fit for each other.


Brand Identity

A strong brand identity helps to create an emotional connection to the ideal customer. We develop everything from logos and colours to implementations such as Facebook profile, Instagram profile, posters and business cards. So that your company emits the right personality, stays consistent, gain trust, shows its distinctiveness and attracts the ideal customer.


We create WordPress websites that are easy to navigate, user-friendly, responsive, and which is in the style of your brand identity. By having a good website, you instantly boost your credibility as a legitimate business. It also is a huge opportunity to grow your business. Be easily found online, inform, engage and effectively sell your services and products.

Mats has been a key factor in the success of our business over the last years. He is our go-to guy for design and branding guidelines and we’ve been fortunate enough to have him support us on countless projects. Mats is intelligent, friendly, easy to work with, flexible & most importantly – he consistently does a great job. I don’t know what I would have done without Mats!

Mike Hancock, 
Digital Development Officer, Dr Libby

We are so happy with our new professional website. It has improved our brand which has resulted in more customers and increased revenue. The feedback from our customers is wonderful, and some said that they chose us over the competitors because of our new website. Mats was helpful, efficient, professional, and I would recommend him to any creative business who needs a new website. We are very delighted and happy with the process and the results!

Evie Lee Kristiansen, 
Co-founder of Leap Ink & Piercing

Meet Mats Losvik

It was on a cold winter day in Norway, a ten-year-old me got his hands on Adobe Photoshop. I was determined to learn how to use Adobe Photoshop to have my friends fly in space, spit fire and become supermen. My friends couldn't get enough of my imperfectly perfect images and I fell in love in design.

After two years of studying Graphic Design, I derailed from my path and worked in an oil company for three years. I started noticing I was looking more forward to lunch breaks and getting off work. Thankfully, looking back, I was laid off because they lost a big contract. It was time to pack my things, travel across the world to Australia and finish my Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design. It was time to go back to my passion.

It wasn’t after I finished my Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design that I started taking on more prominent clients by working full-time and eventually starting my business.

When I started my own business I struggled to make it work. In a frustrated and desperate moment I finally figured out what I needed to do. I had to implement the same principles to my own business as I had done with my clients. I created a new brand identity, a new website and found out who my ideal client was and the whole business got flipped on its head.

For almost five years now I have helped creative entrepreneurs with their brand identity and website. And even though it doesn't involve Photoshopping my friends flying in space and spitting fire, I love it even more.

Getting started is easy.


Send a simple email

To begin, simply send an email to and explain in a few words what you are after and what you want to accomplish. 


Nine-step framework

We start on our nine-step framework for either brand identity and/or website. This framework ensures quality results for your creative business.


Feel the difference

Start using the brand identity and/or website and feel the difference. A feeling of more confidence, clarity on who the ideal client is and being consistent on all platforms.