What is a persona and why use persona?

A persona is a fictional character who is representing your ideal or typical client. 

What usually goes into a persona?

  • Fictional name (to reference)  
  • Job title 
  • Demographics (age, sex, status)
  • Goals
  • Likes & dislikes
  • Problems

Why use personas?

By having a persona, you can design a solution and a brand identity with the ideal client in mind. This will attract the customers you like and make it easier for the client to love, engage and interact with your brand. Why? Because it is designed specifically for them. 

Persona tip #1:

Go deep in the exploration. 

Who are their heroes and enemies? Favourite drink?

Who are they bothered or threatened by professionally? (e.g., younger, more tech-savvy employees? Management?)

Persona tip #2:

Refer to the persona by her/his chosen name. 

The name makes the persona come alive. Treat the persona as a living person, not a fictional character.

For example:

“Are you sure this orange colour will attract Diana to engage with the brand?”

I think she would like this red colour better.”

Instead of picking a colour because of personal preference, you think about what will attract the persona.

Persona tip #3:

Find a fitting image of the person.

The style, the look and the personality have to shine through with this image.

unsplash.com is a great site to find free images to use for your persona.

It’s time to make a persona for your business. Use the persona as a decision filter. Ask yourself if the persona will like what you are about to do. 

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