Brand identity for creative entrepreneurs and small businesses.

What makes a great brand identity?


If your company was a person, what kind of personality would it have? The personality needs to shine through in the elements of the brand.

Correct audience

Who are your customers? By making personas we can identify your ideal customer and design the elements for the correct target audience.


The companies core values are the promise you make for your customers—for example; integrity, honesty, passion, fun. We find out what your companies core values are and use this as a foundation.


Positioning is how you are going to compete in your market place. We find your unique selling proposition and utilize this in the development of the brand.


A great logo is simple, memorable, versatile and appropriate. A logo is used as identification and has to portray the correct feeling.


Every font has its personality. It can be bold, traditional, fun, soft or sharp. Typography is an essential part of the visual identity.


Colours have specific emotional triggers and have a significant impact on your business in how the company is experienced and perceived.


The brand identity needs to be responsive; it needs to work just as well on a small Instagram photo as a giant billboard.


A brand identity should have a brand identity guidelines document that makes sure you use the brand elements correctly and consistently.

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"Mats was efficient, professional, and I would recommend them to any small business who needs a new brand identity. We are delighted and happy with the process and the result."

Daniel Kindberg, CEO, DMP Nordic AS

What is our process?


Initial meeting

We figure out if we are a good match. Work out the creative brief, contract details and budget.



In this 2-3 hour workshop, we find out the personality, core values, the positioning and ideal client (personas) of the company.



A moodboard tries to capture the personality of the brand identity. We do 1-3 moodboards for inspiration, concept development, and to find the visual direction.


Logo development

In this phase, we sketch, digitalize and develop three logo concepts that work along with the moodboards.


Colours & typography

In this phase, we explore typography and colour schemes that match the logo and the moodboards.


Supporting elements

We develop supporting elements like textures, illustrations and patterns to improve brand recognition.



Before putting everything together in a guidelines document, we go through all the elements, review and have a discussion to make sure everyone is happy with the results.



A brand guidelines document has all the elements and implementations like Instagram feed, business cards and posters. It shows how to stay consistent and how to use the elements.



All the logo files in different formats, the typography (font-files) and the brand guidelines document are sent to you together with last payment, virtual hugs and air high-fives.

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