Norwegian start-up selling premium online courses about running & running technique

Speedup got a new set of brand guidelines including logo, typography, color palette, tone of voice & marketing materials. 

Brand definition

Defining the brand and making brand guidelines makes it easier to stay consistent and is used as an objective road-map. 

We had an in-depth strategy session online using Google Meet. What emerged was a clear understanding of the vision of the company and brand personality.

Friendly, energetic, knowledgeable & professional

“S” for Speedup and also tying in inspirations from a running track. In italic to make it more energetic. 

A clean modern sans-serif font that compliments the logo mark and has the professional look.

A checkered Instagram feed mixing nature light photography with quotes, promos and other text-based content.

Getting started is easy.


Book a call

A 30-minute call to see if we are a good fit, discuss your needs, goals and budget and answer any questions.


Nine-step framework

We start on our nine-step framework for either brand identity. This framework ensures quality results for your creative business.


Feel the difference

Start using the brand identity and/or website and feel the difference. A feeling of more confidence, clarity on who the ideal client is and being consistent on all platforms.